Monday, November 30, 2009

Excerpts from Unsettled Oranges by Billie Hutching Maciunas

Photo by Hollis Melton

Faithless domain
of heavy lassitude
the vertiginous
thrust of some cooing

she speaks
     drowning, eh?

she speaks of slow settled
drowning in the daystream

Brilliant panoply of professional
took two baths
today and still
stink the voice of
irreverent instinct

my vision is the magic sword,

vision of lusty bewilderment
she wonders how the points
meet without touching

no merit has granted
her reprisal from
the immense trill
captured inside grand piano

no fey insight of doom
remanded her flexible
fingers in the art of
playing Couperin
and viewing
the unclassifieds
through her kaleidoscope.

Unsettled Oranges

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Unsettled Oranges

This is a limited (500 printed) edition of poetry written in the wake of the death of George Maciunas, founder of Twentieth Century avant garde group Fluxus, in 1978. The book is dedicated to Madame George.

To obtain a signed copy, please send $12 (domestic) or $15 (international) to :

Billie Maciunas
10152 Berry Field Ct.
Orlando, FL. 32821

You may buy the book also through Pay Pal